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The Importance of Content Writers Post ChatGPT: A List of Pros and Cons

With the recent SAG/AFTRA Strike being all over our news channels and social media feeds, we are faced with an important question. Do content writers still have a place in the industry or are we all going to be out of jobs soon? A short answer to this question is no, we are not obsolete, humans cannot be treated like old tech.

For the long answer, keep reading this article.

ChatGPT: What It Means for Writers

A simple answer to the question of whether you can still apply for content writing jobs, is yes, without a doubt. Content writers can still have a fruitful career, and ChatGPT can be treated as an ally rather than an enemy.

One way that content writers can rise above the havoc wreaked by AI, is to buy real Instagram likes. Staying relevant on social media platforms like Instagram can help content writers build their image and find more clients. Marketing is everything these days, and content writers need to market their services on social media as well.

Understanding How ChatGPT Can Help You

ChatGPT is the most refined AI language model in the world right now, and the tool is trained via deep learning techniques. Hence, the database of ChatGPT knows no bounds and can help you with any task.

It can impress you by generating contextually relevant and coherent responses to prompts you enter into it. Not only can you have human-like conversations, you can treat it like an intern working for you. You can make it answer questions and conduct deep research on your behalf to save time.

AI-Generated Content

ChatGPT changed the game in the content writing industry. It not only gives you information or conducts deep research on your behalf, but it can also draft entire articles. Therefore, you can use ChatGPT to your advantage while crafting a wide range of articles, from blog posts to product descriptions.

ChatGPT is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

Like every good friend, ChatGPT helps you grow by increasing your efficiency and your productivity. ChatGPT is not trying to put you down or steal your job, as long as you use it correctly.

You can save hours by using its database to gather relevant information in minutes or even seconds. In summary, you can even make it give you pointers on improving your work, just like your friends would tell you what changes would help your article.

An Explosion of Creativity

The most important characteristic of a good content writer is creativity, it is what content writing jobs look for the most. Ask your new colleague, ChatGPT, about new writing styles to try, creative ideas for blogs, and how to make your content look fresh. Hence, this tool can help you improve your digital marketing skills and help you know what your clients want.

ChatGPT Can’t Replace You, A Machine Is Not Perfect

ChatGPT is still a machine, it can’t comprehend fake news or fact-check, and sometimes, we’ve found that it plagiarises. Now, plagiarism is the biggest crime a content writer can commit, making us understand that ChatGPT is not a talented content writer. Human content writers can, however, fact-check, and make sure content is original.

Content Writers: Why Content Writing Can Only be Mastered by a Human

Content writers play an important role in the marketing industry, as content curators and content editors. A human content writer fixes all the flaws of ChatGPT, by refining and optimizing its content.

Content writers are needed now more than ever, to make sure articles are accurate, relevant, and comply with brand requirements. Content writing jobs posted these days look for a writer to add emotion and a human touch to articles through creativity.

Collaborating with ChatGPT

Augmenting your writing process has never been easier, now that ChatGPT is a useful assistant working with you. Content writers can engage in conversations with ChatGPT to make sure you are never stuck with writer’s block by providing ideas and suggestions. Therefore, suggest leveling up your content writing skills by producing higher-quality content through the use of ChatGPT.

Human Connection, What We Need Now More Than Ever

What people look for in a fast-paced world like today, when readers only have a few minutes to skim through a website, is authenticity and empathy.  Readers want to connect with what they are reading, and only a human can add that element.

Maintaining a career as a content writer means that you never stop learning and adapting. We suggest keeping yourself up-to-date with AI advancements and using ChatGPT to your advantage. In a highly competitive industry, content writers can make the most of their new AI assistants and use them to acquire new skills.


ChatGPT is your best friend at work and an efficient assistant, not your competition. Hence, automate tedious tasks like research, and reduce the time you spend generating content. Especially if you are a freelance writer, a tight deadline can become an easy and enjoyable job with an assistant.

However, remember that only you can provide human creativity and apply expertise to your work. Only a human content writer can provide a finished product that is perfectly optimized and draws readers in.

In summary, ChatGPT is an asset, but nowhere near as important as a content writer.

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