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Exchange PayPal euro to Bitcoin (BTC)

Today, the popularity of virtual payment systems is growing among users all over the world. There is a simple explanation for this – the unlimited possibilities offered to users.

Some of them have existed for more than ten years, others are only gaining momentum in their popularity. Each service offers its own special terms of cooperation, for which it receives new consumers, this also applies to PayPal.

Using electronic payment systems, you can make various types of payments all over the world for services and goods while at home. The development of trading platforms on the World Wide Web has made it possible to buy things, goods, and order services all over the world using the Internet.

This electronic service is used by large corporations and ordinary people. PayPal allows you to:

  • just register, the user provides minimal information about himself;
  • purchase gold, currency;
  • make mutual settlements between users;
  • pay for services, goods;
  • make a profit from the funds in the service accounts, receiving a profit every month;
  • other possibilities.

Often consumers are not limited to working with just one virtual payment system. And then there is a need to transfer finances from PayPal to other services, or you may need to transfer funds to a bank account. For example, BitCoin cryptocurrency is in demand among clients; you should know how you can transfer money to it from a payment system.

How to withdraw money from PayPal and transfer it to Bitcoin

When PayPal clients need to exchange PayPal euro to Bitcoin (BTC), this can be done in several ways.

This operation can actually be carried out in the system itself, provided that the user is verified, that is, his identity is confirmed. To do this, the user’s bank account information is filled in. Following the links further completes the operation.

For such a transaction you need to pay a 1.5% commission to the service, and interest is paid separately to the bank. There are no restrictions on transfers; funds arrive within a few days.

There are other options for transferring PayPal finances to other payment systems. Exchange offices can easily cope with this task.

How to choose an exchange office

When you need to transfer money from PayPal EURO to other virtual services at a favorable rate, paying minimal commissions, you should pay attention to exchangers. With their help, it is easy to complete a transaction, without restrictions on the transfer amount.

Many people are interested in the advice of friends when choosing items, but sometimes a person has to search for them on his own. You can open each page, study the course, commissions, spending a lot of nerves, effort and time on such an activity.

In addition, it should be remembered that scammers are common on the Internet, and it is often impossible to deal with them yourself and not fall into their trap. In order not to end up with them, you need to carefully read the reviews about the portal, and only after that, trust the sites to transfer your funds.

It is best to conduct transactions safely with the assistance of special monitoring portals, one of which is Bestchange; an analysis of the best exchange rates is also presented here. Here are collected honest exchangers offering a favorable rate; the user can use a calculator to see what the amount will be after the transaction, taking into account commissions.

It’s easy to exchange PayPaleuro for Bitcoin, just follow the link www.bestchange.com or go to other e-exchangers sites. Having selected an exchange pair here, in this case the user “gives” PayPal; the “receive” column means the payment system, the bank where the transaction is transferred.

Exchangers that are currently conducting operations will immediately appear. To get to the page of the item you like, you need to click on the name. Next, you just need to fill out the fields, indicating:

  • transfer amount;
  • systems data;
  • email;
  • other information.

The user sees the exchanger’s commission percentage, if he agrees with all the conditions, he must confirm the operation.

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